• Ce livre au design coloré mêle photos d'inspirations et conseils pratiques pour vous aider à intégrer la couleur dans votre déco, sans surcharger et sans se lasser. Il propose des conseils de décorateurs sur les différentes gammes chromatiques et la manière de las associer, ainsi que des anayses d'experts sur l'influence des couleurs sur notre psychologie. Les exemples présentés vont des pièces entières aux petits détails, montrant ainsi que même de toutes petites modifications peuvent avoir de grands effets.

  • Slick or soft? No thanks. This interior design book is as hard as a rock and as tough as they come. Solid houses with a polished look, but also with a generous dose of poetry and patina. Imagine: brute materials, such as bare bricks, rusty metal, weathered plasterwork, discarded materials and concrete. The imperfect and aesthetic interior designs radiate a warm atmosphere. Also get acquainted with the trendsetters in this book, each of them an artisan with a passion for metal, wood or ceramics. Lifestyle journalist Iris De Feijter and design blogger Irene Schampaert guide you through the book wearing a 'safety helmet'; these are not interior designs or artisans to be dealt with unprotected.

  • A colorless interior? No thank you! Give your house - and your life - a little color and forget the whitewash.

    Color gives personality, warmth and atmosphere to your home. The twenty international interiors sampled in this book are living proof that color is king.

    Five portraits of renowned taste-makers - or rather, color-makers - offer all gradations of inspiration: from quiet pastels and new neutrals to striking color blocking and total looks in deep, dark shades. In short, graphic designer and design blogger Irene Schampaert and lifestyle journalist Iris De Feijter live it up in Who's afraid of pink, orange & green?

    The ultimate color guide for your home. Because, color is the new black.

  • "Almost every diamond passes through Antwerp at least once. For centuries the city on the Scheldt has been a trading centre for rough and cut diamonds. DIVA, Antwerp's new diamond museum, gladly lifts the veil on this fascinating world full of luxury, exhibiting surprising craftsmanship and authentic objects.

    Discover intriguing stories, take a look inside the workshops of contemporary Antwerp jewelers, or learn how best to wear jewellery according to the rules of etiquette. Have you always wanted to know how to set the perfect table or how to tell the difference between real and fake diamonds? Now is your chance to find out."